Friday, September 2, 2011

Lee Sung Hwa Super Hot Photos Red Sequin Dress

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Member of Taiwanese boy band F4 Jerry Yan nude pictures scandal

Recently nude photos of a man who looked exactly like the famous Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan hit the Taiwanese media. The actor of the "Meteor Garden" is completely naked sitting on a bed in the pictures. Fans of Jerry express thier frustration, dissatisfaction with his indulgent lifestyle. However Jerry Yan still has not explained anything about this scancal to the media.

Do you think it is him in the pictures?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hat Fashion

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rado Vanko (DNA Magazine)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wilhelmina Models

He signed with Wilhelmina Models when he gave modeling a shot where his first assignment was for Abercrombie & Fitch. Then everything followed after that.

The 6 ft tall model grade the DNA Magazine in 2008 where he got the chance to work with veteran and renowned photographers such as Bruce Weber, Edelson, David Vance, and Jeffrey Rich.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Method In The Madness

What happens when you add a lot of determination, a good looking individual, some luck, and a dare from a friend who says he will eat his hat if you get the job? get my best friend Si. (Simon Tuit)

As a scared and innocent 18 year old from the Eastern Cape, I relocated to Jo'burg to find my fortune...but first I needed to study and did this at AFDA (The SA School for Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance). My first couple of months in the city of gold was a pretty lonely time for me. My social life was non-existent and to make matters worse I was going through an identity crisis that I was not sure how to handle.

Halfway through my first year, I started finding my feet and my voice. It was around this time that I met Simon. He was the strange boy with the American accent. Although he studied with me, I had never taken notice of him before because I had my own issues to work out.

Simon and I became friends.... We had a lot in common and it turned out that he was not American but really an Afrikaans boy who grew up in Jo'burg. He had been an exchange student in the States and had picked up the accent there.

We spent most of the rest of our studies working together and in each other's company.

If anyone wanted to find one of us the other would either be close by or in the know as to where to look. Towards the end of Third year Simon and I went to the M-net studios with another friend as moral support for an Audition. While we were waiting for her to finish the audition Si and I sat there chatting and I told him "We'll just as well you did not come to audition for this thing...You just don't have the right look." Well...This ignited the spark in Si's head and now he was out to prove me wrong.

The next day he went back to M-net, This time without me. He was going to show me that he could do anything if he set his mind to it. Later that day he informed me he had gone for the audition and that he would know the outcome in two weeks. I then proceeded to tell him: "I still believe that you do not have the right look for the job, and if you get that job I'll eat a hat".

I regret ever saying those words because two weeks later Simon ended up getting his first TV presenting job, and the rest is history (as they say). I never ate the hat... but he still rubs salt on the wound from time to time.

Simon Tuit is currently the presenter on MK TV's (Channel 324) Studio 1 and does a lot of Ramp and Photographic modeling. He is fast becoming one of South Africa's Youngest, hippest, and most hunky male celebrities.

Si I'm proud of You!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trench Coat Guide

The Ultimate Trench Coat Guide
The Art Of The Trench Coat
OK, I admit it; I am officially bored of winter. Those late summer/mild autumn days I spent babbling on about how I couldn’t wait until I was able to immerse myself in heavy layering and just how eager I was to break out the newly acquired outerwear, well, they truly are a very distant memory. I am openly and eagerly willing spring to hurry the hell up, and much to my delight, a very slight increase in recent temperatures means that I can certainly envision that brighter future at the end of this long wintery tunnel. I am now in fact getting so impatient that I’m already ruthlessly purchasing with spring/summer 2011 at the forefront of my mind, and at the top of my shopping to-do list, I must update my outerwear.

The Trench Coat is without a doubt one of my favourite garments within menswear fashion. Practical, flattering, smart, chic, timeless, versatile, accessible – need I continue? As I am sure you are already aware, trench coats come in great deal of different textures and fabrics, but in keeping with the tone of all things spring, today my article is concentrated more towards the classic cotton styles.

Cut & Style

Ok, so the double-breasted trench coat. Great for adding a more classic feel to your outfits, they look extremely smart and can also be a great tool to use for those who wish to add a bit of extra bulk to their upper torso. But of course, that also then means that they aren’t always quite as well suited to the slightly fuller man. A single-breasted style – which probably comes more under the title of Macintosh – will be a much greater aid in lengthening the torso, drawing the eye downwards as opposed to across. Wear the coat unbuttoned from the sternum area and fold the collar down and out to create a V-shaped neckline that will lengthen your neck and add width across your shoulders. A single-breasted style will also fall a lot cleaner if you choose to wear the trench open.
The waist belt on a trench is an absolute godsend. When worn tied into a effortlessly home-made knot, not only will it help to break up the torso it will also nip in that waist, therefore accentuating the shoulders and giving the impression of that perfect triangular shape we are all told to strive for. Epaulettes on the shoulders are great for giving a more structured, stronger shoulder and of course, portraying that military trend that is looking to stay with us until the end of time.
As for the length of the coat, I personally wouldn’t advise any man under the 6ft mark to wear a trench that finished far below their knees, and although a trench coat can be just as easily worked into both smart and casual outfits, baggy trousers/jeans just don’t quite fit that slim-line, sharp look that we have just created. Sleeve length is somewhat down to personal preference but I favour them sitting as the sleeve of my blazer would, just above the wrist bone. If people can see your under-layers poking out through your sleeves or maybe even a cheeky glimpse of watch, well, that’s just perfect!

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